Well, enjoying it is as good a reason as any.
Zoe. Lonely and trying to find peace with myself. If you have any questions or want any advice then please don't hesitate to message me x

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So, I’ve been away for a long time

I do apologise and I promise I will make it up to you as I am definitely going to start posting again!

I forgot how much I needed this blog and thanks for everyone who has stuck by me and hello to my new followers!

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Q: totally serious, did not mean to sound sarcastic, my apologies! I just had not seen you post anything lately so was hoping you were okay.

yeah I’m good thanks! I’ve been on my other blog more recently so that’s probably why I haven’t been posting. I’ll try do more posts now as I have a lot of time on my hands because i’m poor! hahaha

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Hitler Youth with standards at a Nazi party rally in Nuremberg.
Q: How have you been lately? I hope you're well...

i got two of these messages and they sound really sarcastic haha, but yes i am okay thanks anon, why did you ask? 

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 Richard Ramirez the “Night Stalker” has died, after spending a considerable amount of his life on death row in San Quentin, convicted of 13 murders. 

He died at a reasonably young age of 53, of natural causes in California although this is pending further investigation. 

Many will be celebrating his death whilst his wife Doreen Lioy will most likely be mourning it.
Q: Haaappyyyy Birthdayyyyy !!! :D

Thaaaanks! My darling anon xxxx

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Q: Happy Birthday! :) I wish you a lot of happiness! Xxxx

Thank you anon, I also wish you happiness too! :) xxxx

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