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Anders Behring Breivik was responsible for the killing of 77 Norwegians in a 2011 attack. He was born in London, United Kingdom. His mother a nurse and his father a diplomat. Within a year of being born, his parents separate and he is taken to Norway to be brought up by his mother and his half sister. 

From an early age, he was exposed to family trouble; his mother was deemed unfit and even though his father requested custody of the young Anders, he was denied. Anders is unruly and aggressive, in his teenage years he would often go out and graffiti on train tracks and local walls. He sees graffiti as a serious hobby but unfortunately gets arrested. His father is angry at his son and decides to cut all contact, the few speak very little over the following years.

As Anders grows up, he researches the idea of a Muslim takeover of Europe and eventually the world. He joins the Norwegian church and tries to join the army, but gets rejected. This is where his life begins to go off the rails. He was alone, isolated. He often played “Call Of Duty” to gain “training simulation” 

He wrote a manifesto which was 1,518 pages long and on the day of the attack, he emailed it to over 1,000 people. 

Then, on the 22nd of July 2011. He bombed government buildings in Oslo, which killed eight people. He then drove to the Island of Utøya, a Norwegian Labour Party youth camp. He killed 69 young left wingers. The youngest being only 14 years old.

Hours later he confessed, saying his motivation for the attack was “to save the people of Europe from a Muslim takeover” blaming the Labour Party for letting the people of Norway down. The only time he shed a tear after the crime was when his manifesto was played in court.

A year on, his manifesto can still be read online, with extreme right groups using it as a basis for their ideology. 

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