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It was May the 23rd 1950, in Sacramento, the birth date of Richard Trenton Chase.

He had an ordinary childhood, apart from his parents arguing. Which was normal for the 1950’s.

But unfortunately, Richard didn’t seem to be forming a conscience, as he frequently went out killing and abusing local cats. Even though he enjoyed this sadistic past time, he grew up fairly normally.

But then he started experimenting with drugs; weed and LSD. Alongside this extreme drug use; he had trouble achieving an erection, to cure this he decided to drink the blood of animals to supplement the blood in his body. Which obviously didn’t work.

By the time he had reached his early 20’s, his beliefs had become increasingly construed. He believed he was being poisoned, he thought there were bones in the back of his head, he had a belief that his stomach was upside down, and that various arteries had been stolen. To relieve him of this “pain” (which was all imaginary) he would kill small animals and drink their blood.

Once he was admitted to the Beverly Manor psychiatric hospital, he’d earned himself the nickname of “Dracula”.

He was released, and of course the killing of small animals was just the tip of the iceberg for what Richard Chase was to become; a serial killer who’s obsession with blood would soon take over.

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