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On the morning of Friday December 14th 2012, 20 year old Adam Lanza shot his mother in the head 4 times whilst she was sleeping with her .22 caliber Marlin rifle, he then left this at home and took other guns which she owned; a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle, a 10mm glock 20 SF handgun, a 9mm SIG SAUER handgun and a shotgun. He then stole her car and drove to the school where she worked.

He shot his way through classrooms, killing all but one student in one class, then going on to shoot whoever he encountered, some children managed to escape and ran to a neighbouring house for safety, the rest were not so lucky. It has been confirmed he fired 155 shots. Adam Lanza stopped shooting at approximately 9:45am and after spotting a police officer. He shot himself in the front of the head with a handgun. 

Approximately 6 months on, there’s still clouded water regarding the school shooting. 28 people died in the school shooting including Adam Lanza. Since the shooting there has been calls to curb gun sales in America and possibly ban them all together.

This is the second worst school shooting in American history after the Virginia Tech Massacre. 

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